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Welcome to Scott Hollow Farm!

Thank you for visiting our Scott Hollow Farm website. We have been very busy since our initial edition earlier in 2021 and wanted to share again what Lois and I have been up to over the last few months including work on the farm, a new conservation project, and, particularly, Lois’s new photos. We’ve also added a new section called “Notes from the Farm” where we will post periodic observations and activities. While most of the website is centered around sharing the farm’s beauty and our conservation efforts, the website also contains information about our grass-fed beef and current inventory.

Lois and I love hearing from folks who visit our website so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments. We’ve also been wondering if folks would be interested in visiting the farm for a tour and to see up close how the twin goals of conservation and sustainable farming can be accomplished in unison. Please let us know if you would be interested in a visit perhaps during a weekend in the fall. We love showing folks around!

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Scott Hollow is a pristine gap in western Augusta County running east to west from Great North Mountain into the Marble Valley below. Nestled in this gap is a remote mountain stream that winds its way down until emptying into a network of natural wetlands. These wetlands and the surrounding mountains, valleys, and meadows are ideal nesting and grazing grounds for the wildlife naturally found in the Appalachians and were the traditional hunting and fishing lands of the Pontiac and Shawnee Indians. The lowland pastures are fertile and for generations supported small cattle and poultry farms. The entire length of the Marble Valley is traversed by the Calfpasture River, an important headwaters stream of the James River. In 1998, Lois and I established our farm in this peaceful valley near Deerfield, Virginia, and named it Scott Hollow for that beautiful mountain gap we see every day.

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